An organization's success demands focus on many different aspects of business. Regardless of the size of the organization, operational complexities are a reality and the need for accurate record keeping, resource allocations, analysis, planning and reporting are necessary. Most businesses today cannot operate efficiently without some form of computer automation. Enterprise Resource Planning solutions from TRANETECH focuses on delivering the right toolkit to manage business.

What TERP provides

TERP provides modules that cover every aspect of Finance, Property Management, Property Maintenance Management, Inventory Management, Purchasing, Human Resource Management as well as reporting capabilities, thus handling operations efficiently within the organisation.


Deployment: Web or Mobile

TERP is cloud-based with enriched user interface. In addition, TERP mobile application provides access to business information at any time, from the preferred device, as easily as in office.


As per the customer need TERP can be customized throughout with proper company workflow. The customization can be set per role and task of an employee.


Company data is the lifeblood of any organisation and the integrity and security of that data is a top priority. TERP incorporates system-wide facilities aimed at securing the system from unauthorized access.

TERP Technology

We build the software to be agile and to keep pace with the growth and direction of business software. Customer investment is kept top of mind when embracing technology so that our software ensures:

  • The data is completely secure in a MS SQL Database.
  • The processes are strictly adhered to using our workflow services.
  • Easy access at any time from any device of the customer choice.


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